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Učíme sa angličtinu inak

Učiteľ angličtiny, slovenčiny a prekladateľ
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Učíme sa angličtinu pomocou definícií

Angličtina sa dá naučiť aj úplne inak ako ste si predstavovali, nemusíte sa učiť gramatiku ani si nebudete musieť nič veľa krát opakovať, stačí vám sa naučiť danú vec alebo jav opísať, týmto sa naučíte oveľa viac ako keby ste sa niečo učili naspamäť.

Apologize – admit making a mistake or doing wrong and say that one is sorry. Jack knew that he had been rude, and apoligized.

Bathing hut – a small building on the beach in which clothes can be changed for bathing. During the summer holidays we hired a bathing hut for the season.

Cabbage – a vegetable somewhat similar to a lettuce. As a cabbage grows, it develop a big head of heart.

Chiffonier -   a tall chest of drawers. Mother keeps the towels in the chiffonier.

Dart – small arrow thrown by hand, not shot from a bow. We had fun throwing darts at the dart- board.

Dipper – a laddle or deep cupshaped spoon. We dip  gravy from a bowl with a dipper.

Emotion – a feeling such as anger, joy, love, fear, hate, etc. Mary is  person of strong emotions. She feels things deeply.

Famine – a great shortage of food. When there  is a famine, people sometimes starve to death.

Griddle – cake  - a pancake that is cooked on a griddle on the top of the stove.

Harvester -  a person or a macine that gathers grain and other crops.

Immense – very large, huge. –the rich man has an immense amount of money.

Kernel – the body of seed within the husk of a cereal. A grain of wheat, or of Indian corn, is a kernel.

Loyal – faithful, unchanging in devotion. Mary is a loyal friend. You can always count on her.

Marsh – a swamp or lowland partly covered by water. Bulrushes grow in the marsh.

Newt – a small water creature which lives on tadpoles, insect larvae, etc. We saw several newts in the pond.

Outcry – a clamour or uproar. There was an outcry when the referee blew his whistle for a foul.

Pedlar – a person who goes along the street or from house to house selling things. The old pedlar had shoe- laces for sale.

Takýmto spôsobom sa naučíte nielen čo daná vec znamená ale budete vedieť oveľa viac slovíčok, keď ju celú opíšete.

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